Sexual well-being

Aphrodisiacs & drugs to stimulate the senses.

Food or drug that arouses sexual instinct

Natural aphrodisiacs can help sexual relations
Natural aphrodisiacs can help sexual relations

An aphrosidiacus is defined as any food or drug that arouses sexual instinct and increases pleasure and performance. The use of certain plants and also certain animal substances such as velvet wood and rhino horns, are known to stimulate sexual brain functions and have existed since Adam and Eve. True or false? As long as they are safe or taken as recommended by Health Canada, it is up to you alone to judge.

For us, we believe that there is no smoke without fire and if the Orientals have been using them since the dawn of time, there is certainly some truth and some of them are certainly effective. On the other hand, this is our own judgment and we will only give certain facts without judging them. In fact, Health Canada does not allow us to do that.

Health Canada’s Position

With respect to Health Canada’s position on this type of product, apart from maca, for which it allows the recommended timid purpose of:
Helps support the emotional aspects of sexual health,
it does not recognize any other effective product to boost the libido functions of the human. However, several products recognized by Asians as fantastic aids to sexual well-being are accepted by Health Canada but for medicinal purposes other than those of helping sexual well-being. All products we offer meet Health Canada’s requirements and are accepted for sale but for purposes other than sexual purposes.


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