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B5, an antioxidant with Nordic berries.

Health Claim Permitted by Health Canada for our

Antioxidant B5 powder formula is:

Source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health


The B5 ANTIOXIDANT® Formula is a blend of Nordic berries native to North America and whose antioxidant capacities are remarkable.

Themedicinal ingredientof the B5 ANTIOXIDANT Formula is a wild blueberry powder in 10:1 concentration, the same wild blueberry powder that we sell as a functional food (see section 2).

The wild blueberry is known for its very high concentration of anthocyanins, proanthocyans, flavonols (quercetin, kaempferol), chlorogenic acids and multiple other health molecules.

Blueberries and their anthocyanins
The wild blueberry, a small Nordic fruit extremely beneficial for your health.

Scientific studies have shown that the consumption of wild blueberries helps protect against multiple diseases including heart disease, some cancers and some degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Its consumption would also help the health of the brain in general and memory. In addition, its antioxidants by attacking free radicals (diseased cells) help us age health.

The wild blueberry is not the only one to have these medicinalabilities. Other northern berries are currently under study with more than promising results. However, the number of studies and especially clinical trials (on humans) is still insufficient for Health Canada to officially recognize their medicinal virtues.

So we have identified 4 other northern berries with the most promising studies and mixed these 4 fruits as a 10:1 concentration powder extract with our wild blueberry extract powder concentration 10:1. These small fruits are: lingonberry, aronia, black raspberry and elderberry.


As for blueberries, we find many studies on its benefits. It should be noted that it is the most studied small fruit in the world by scientists.


To find out more about our B5: https://phytonutriment.ca/b5-antioxydant-format-poudre/


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