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People more at risk for urinary tract infections

Here are the main reasons that put you at higher risk for urinary tract infections:

  • People with diabetes
  • People who have a structural abnormality of the urinary tract
  • People with kidney stones
  • People with various neurological disorders
  • Women, the use of spermicides
  • Very sexually active women
  • Pregnant women (hormonal changes and pressure exerted by the child on the urinary system)
  • Women after menopause because they are more prone to bacterial vaginal infections and the drop in estrogen levels related to menopause contributes to urinary tract infections.
  • Women using a diaphragm as a contraceptive
  • Men with inflammation of the prostate
  • Men who practice sodomy (annal sex) without a condom


It is clear that for anatomical reasons, urinary tract infection is much more common in women. The main reason is that the urete is close to the anus where bacteria are always present, especially Escherichia coli (Ecoli)

e-coli bacteria
E-coli bacteria

which is responsible for more than 80% of urinary tract infections. These bacteria can move up the urethra to the bladder and proliferate in the urine. Men are protected by the length of the penis because the entry of bacteria is only possible through the orifice at the end of the glans.

It should be noted that the elderly very often suffer from urinary tract infections. It is also necessary to monitor young children who sometimes also suffer from it. If we want to go further, your pets are not immune either.

To better understand urinary tract infection, here is a table that explains the principle well.

Understanding Urinary Tract Infections


Top 10 Tips to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections


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