Living old is good but healthy is better.

A good way to do this, phytonutrition

Since the discovery of phytonutrients, scientists have focused exclusively on their antioxidant activity to explain their beneficial benefits. While this activity is important, phytonutrients promote good health in multiple ways, including interacting with the immune system. In addition, they allow certain cells to provide maximum performance.

Help yourself age healthy through healthy eating
Age healthy by taking care of your diet.

Life expectancy is the major argument against those who criticize our civilization, our ways of living and eating and our medicines. The older you live, the better and the better. On the other hand, we deliberately or involuntarily avoid asking ourselves whether it is so interesting to live old and sick or worse, very old and very sick to the point of being on artificial respirator or being unconscious for years. Is it a beautiful end of life or an ordeal?

To ask this question is to call into question the supposed evolution of developed countries on this point. Indeed, we gain over the lifespan but to live it in good health, we do much less well. In France, for example, between 2008 and 2010, life expectancy increased by approximately 4 months, to 84.9 years for women and 78.5 years for men. That’s the good thing. The very bad thing is that healthy life expectancy, or living without disability, fell by one year during the same period, to 63 for women and 62 for men. We question a little the methods of calculations but in net, there is a loss of life in good health. So we are now talking about the notionof « healthy lifespan »and it does not suit everyone. This demonstrates a strong desire for a health policy mainly focused on a curative approach to the detriment of a preventive approach.

To live old and healthy, you must first help yourself. Smoking, which is probably the worst habit to destroy one’s health, followed by alcohol abuse and sleepless nights, are all pleasant factors but to be avoided as much as possible. Lack of physical exercise and an unhealthy diet follow closely. For physical exercise, it is not easy but it is quite simple to adjust. What has become really difficult is the diet. We no longer know what we are eating. Over the years and especially in the last thirty years, our eating habits have undergone a radical transformation. Given our new lifestyles, industrialization, conservation techniques, pesticides to name but a few, it has become very difficult, even impossible in our current society, to maintain a dietary balance rich in phytonutrients and thus ensure a healthy diet.


Industrial kitchen

When you read food labels, some are scary. How, for example, can there be so much salt in a chicken? And what about the sachet of sauce that accompanies it. Wheat flour, modified corn starch (modified how?), dextrose, salt, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (soy, corn), monosodium glutamate, onion powder, caramel powder (sulfite), canola oil, tortila yeast, natural and artificial flavors, inosinate and disodium guanylate, spices. But it’s very good and the hardest thing to understand is that there are only 45 calories in 13 servings or 750 milliliters of a most popular sauce. But why deprive yourself of it? And to maintain a healthy weight, we accompany our quarter chest with a diet drink, « 0 » zero calories. The question is: how do you make the sauce so thick and the drink so sweet? The scientific kitchen. Here is the recipe for a drink even better known than the sauce described above. Take a liter of water. Add a few grams of food colors type E 150 D plus a caramel color with ammonium sulfite. Mix everything with a little phosphoric acid, aspartane and acefulman K, a touch of citric acid and aspane. To give the final touch of taste, add to the taste aromas of plants and caffeine. To gasify, close and insert the Co2. Recross and enjoy. Difficulty level: easy.


Phytonutrition, a new health approach

Excessive consumption of fast food increases the risk of experiencing prostate cancer.
foods to be consumed in great moderation.

Characterized by a new health approach, phytonutrition is essential to the link between diet, health and prevention. Phytonutrition is therefore about establishing the relationship between health, prevention and diet. It is in fact the central pillar of preventive medicine aimed at changing our eating habits and our approach to health. Its goal is to ensure optimal health by strengthening our body through a balanced nutritional intake. Its purpose is to adapt our phyto-nutritional needs through balanced food hygiene in combination with personalized food supplementation. For example: people who consume a large surplus of calories and who do not diversify their diet according to their phytonutrient needs are likely to exponentially cause a significant number of pathologies. Chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, various cancers and a general and premature aging of their organism.

Industrial food has sometimes become so denatured that it can no longer respond alone to the balance of our body. It is therefore necessary to balance our diet by avoiding certain products with a high content of salt, fat and sugar to replace them as much as possible with fruits and vegetables. Subsequently, it is possible that for some people, the need for phyto-nutritional supplementation is necessary. For example: Digestive metabolism is the one that transmits to cells the anthocyanins of the blueberry necessary to help our cells protect themselves from cancer by protecting them from free radicals and thus avoid cancers. It is also he who provides the proanthocyanins of cranberries which serve among other things to avoid cystitis.

Conventional medical treatment is primarily aimed at rectifying the damage and relieving pain. Phytonutrition is a preventive act that can also cure certain diseases.

Phytonutrient Canada

For example, during an infection, a cellular nutritional imbalance may appear. The objective of phytonutrition will be to restore this balance. Phyto-nutritional management is in no way opposed to the conventional medical act. On the contrary. It simply helps to avoid it. By striving to consume a wide variety of plants, everyone can enjoy the benefits of phytonutrients.

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