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Romance and Sexual Desire - Sexual Wellness Phytonutrient Canada BlogFor sexual relations to be possible, a set of stimuli is first needed. The latter are different for everyone. For some it is perfumes, roses and romance. For others, the World Health Organization’s definition of sexual health does not quite suit them because some need a boost or to be humiliated to experience the happiness sought and finally orgasm. Some will be faithful all their lives while others will prefer several partners. Finally, the list is endless and we make no judgment as to whether certain behaviors say « out of the ordinary », are or should be socially accepted. The Right Honourable Trudeau, Sr., when he was Prime Minister, said, « We have no business in the bedroom of Canadians, » and he could not say more accurately.

silhouettes man woman jumping with joyOnce the set of stimuli is present, it is still necessary that the mind is in a state to transform them into sexual desire. For example: It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve planned a lovers’ dinner and a hellish night with your favorite. You are so stimulated that you forget the work to think only of your appointment. On the other hand, you learn at 4:00 p.m. that your position is cut and that you lose your job. There are probably no sexologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, aphrodisiac substances (maca, 5-star ginseng, ginger, gingko biloba, etc.), drugs (cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.), medicines (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.) or physical aids (beet, spinach, celery powder, etc.) that can bring back your sexual desire. It is then said that your problem is in the head.

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All these aspects are the responsibility of psychiatrists, sexologists, doctors and other specialists in this type of problem.


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