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Sugar and fructose are not bad elements in essence

Demonizing sugar is fructose is a bad approach because they are not bad in essence. It is even dangerous to avoid them altogether. It is the overconsumption taken by modern industrial food that creates the problem.
Meet your sugar and fructose needs by consuming fruit and avoiding industrial sugars.

Sugar and fructose are not bad elements in essence. It is the excessive use in manufactured products that is problematic. Otherwise, fructose will be in the next wave of products that will be demonized because there is everything, as for gluten, a significant number of people who have developed intolerances. From there to stop consuming fruits or vegetables because they contain fructose, it would be a bit ridiculous and contrary to dietary logic.

First, the fructose in fruit is not alone. Fructose is accompanied by fiber and a complex composition that gives it its dietary characteristics.

Secondly, the body needs sugar to live and just as it would be reckless or even dangerous to stop any sugar diet, it would be inconsiderate to stop fructose.

The most unpleasant thing is the creation of new foods by adding sucrose for which we have no control and for which we have no history in the human diet. It is above all they who bring an imbalance in the contributions.


Sebastien Léonhart

Phytonutiment Canada Scientific Director


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