The brain, its parts and its different functions.


Intellectual and unconscious functions

The brain and spinal cord provide all intellectual functions, unconscious functions such as breathing and heart rate, hormone secretion, consciousness, all intellectual functions and finally, the coordination of voluntary movements.


  • The frontal lobe:The frontal lobe is the center of elaboration of the thoughts and also of the emotions. The frontal lobe also controls complex movements.
  • The occipital lobe:The occipital lobe is the center of imaging. It is through him that visual images are detected and interpreted.
  • The temporal lobe:Place of storage of memory, the latter also recognizes sounds.
  • The parietal lobe:It is with the parietal lobe that we feel any skin sensitivity such as pain and temperature variations.
  • The cerebellum:The latter takes care of our balance and posture and allows us to perform precise movements.
  • The thalamus:It plays an intermediate role as a decoder of sensory messages between the spinal cord and the hemispherical brain.

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