Our Values

L,objectivité fait partie de nos valeurs- Objectivity is part of our value


Our industry is constantly evolving and sometimes strewn with contradictions. This is partly explained by the fact that phytotherapy and other alternative medicines are often based on ancestral knowledge that has always been known and accepted by a majority of people but has not yet been clinically demonstrated by Western science. The costs of clinical studies required to approve prescription drugs is in the tens, hundreds millions of dollars when it is not billions and its take 10, 15 or even 20 years to get completed.

That situation often leads us to rather contradictory situations. For example, the vast majority of scientific studies on American cranberries agree that it helps prevent urinary tract infections. However, almost every month a new study questions all the first ones.  And it is the counter-attack of those whose studies are in doubt and who explain why the last contradictory study contradicts itself. In such a case, we describe the situation; we give our position, but no more.  Some believe in it and some do not. Our role is not to influence but to inform.  In this particular case, we believe that cranberries can helps prevent urinary tract infections and even helps to cure some minor infections.  However, we believe that like drugs, cranberry-based natural health products do not work for everyone and that to increase the chances of product efficacy, the choice of raw materials used in formulas must be of the best possible quality, both nutraceutical and non-food grade, which is rarely the case in the industry.


All drugs and natural medicinal substances have their limits and therefore so do our products. In addition, they may be effective for some and ineffective for others. Why? If again we take the example of cranberries, the scientific community accepts their effectiveness, but the exact reasons are still somehow unclear.  A few years ago, it was thought that the acidity of the fruit prevented bacteria, particularly E coli, from developing. That explanation prove to be flawless and more studies went on.La transparence est une de nos valeurs-transparency is part of our values

Few years later, scientists found that it was mainly cranberry proanthocyanins that attached themselves to the adhesins of E coli bacteria, preventing it from sticking to the walls of the urinary tube and developing infection. Today, we are questionning the daily quantities necessary for it to work but also to identify the other polyphenols that act in concert with proanthocyanins. And here we are now with the concept of PAC 36 (36 mg proanthocyanins content per day) which makes the headlines. However, the Pacran powder we use is not based on this approach. It as a PAC of 25 but it went through clinical studies with a relative great success having lower the recidivism of infections by 58%.  However, Flowens, the cranberry powder that we use for the Prostate diseases is the only cranberry’s product in the world that has so far proven its effectiveness in clinical trials.

In order to make accessible as much information about our products as possible, the descriptions of each one are as complete as possible and give all the basic information necessary to make a decision when buying.  Technical data sheets of the powders used are also available on the site.  Our team remains available to answer any questions that may arise regarding our products.

Discipline and scientific rigour

Discipline and scientific rigidity are the foundation of all Phytonutrient Canada activities. We have a scientific committee and all the information we publish has been verified and approved by it. However, if, after reading the scientific articles accompanying the texts you do not agree with what has been said, please contact us. We will discuss it and if you are right, we will immediately make the necessary corrections.

Innovation/ creativity/ product efficiency

Innovation, creativity and efficiency are the main drivers behind the development of our products. Since the medicinal field is more than vast and our knowledge and resources do not allow us to make enough creative, innovative and effective natural health products to cover all possible diseases, we focus our efforts on very specific health problems such as urinary tract infections, prostate diseases, brain diseases and finally, sexual well-being.

Innover dans le monde des végétaux
Innovating in the world of plants

In order to develop the best products possible, we use standardized powders of the highest possible quality. This is the case with Pacran (urinary tract infections), Cereboost (brain diseases/memory/concentration) and Flowens (prostate diseases) powders, which have all demonstrated their effectiveness in successful clinical trials (on humans).

To complete our knowledge, we work with university and private research centres. The Lasève laboratory at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, the Université de Montréal, Léo Désilets, TransBiotech, Entreprises Michel Sasseville, Nutra Canada and MNK Recherches are examples of current and past partners.

The team that surrounds Phytonutriment Canada ranks among the most advanced in the world for its knowledge of the medicinal effects of phytonutrients, particularly those that originate from the forests of northern Canada.

Government regulation that governs us, that of Health Canada

For us, government regulation is at the heart of our business and becomes a value in itself. Health Canada’s regulation of the natural health product industry has become one of the strictest and most stringent in the world. With this new regulation, the way to develop and manufacture a natural health product that needs to be approved and recognized by Health Canada is becoming more and more similar to that used by the drug industry.

From now on, in order to be able to introduce a product into a natural health product store and / or pharmacy in Canada, the product must have a marketing license issued by Health Canada. Phytonutriment Canada holds a marketing license for each of its medicinal formulations. Phytonutrient Canada is compliant and trying, through its scientific knowledge, to surpass Health Canada’s new requirements.

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