Who are we?


Phytonutrient Canada (PC) was born in 2009 from an association between university researchers specializing in the search for naturally occurring anticancer agents and business people with knowledge of the field of natural health products.

Areas of activity

Phytonutrient Canada (PC) develops, manufactures and markets health products approved by Health Canada. Innovation, creativity and efficiency are the main drivers of our product development.

Since the medical field is more than vast and our knowledge and resources do not allow us to manufacture enough creative, innovative and effective natural health products to cover all possible diseases, we focus our efforts on very specific health problems such as:

  • Maladies de la prostate
  • Infections des voies urinaires
  • Fonctions cérébrales



The head office of Phytonutrient Canada (PC) and its sister company Boréal Medicinal Canada (BMC) is located in Saguenay-Lac St-Jean, province of Quebec, Canada. The Saguenay River has its source in Lac-Saint-Jean and is known to be one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. It flows into the St. Lawrence River about 160 kilometres further east.

map saguenay-lac-st-jean
Jonquière vs Normandin Positionnement géographique

Its offices are located in Ville Saguenay and its research and development laboratory and production capacities are located northwest of Lac St-Jean more precisely in Normandin.

Normandin Laboratory (Phytonutrient Canada)
Production de produits liquides – Station de bouchonnage


Natural and scientific resources

Saguenay-Lac St-Jean produces a significant portion of the wild blueberries that are consumed around the world. Indeed, blueberries from our region are exported to more than 40 countries. Further south and in the center of Quebec, American cranberries are grown extensively and exported all over the world.

The massive presence of these natural resources has led universities and public and private research centers in Quebec and Canada to undertake in-depth scientific studies on the medicinal possibilities of small northern berries, particularly wild blueberries and cranberries, for forty years.



The medicinal field, like that of the medical field, is endless. The development of an innovative and effective natural health product requires significant scientific knowledge and monetary resources. In addition, and in part due to Health Canada’s regulations, the time required for their development and marketing is significant.

We quickly realized that our resources did not allow us to produce enough creative, innovative and above all effective natural health products to cover all possible diseases. We have therefore focused more than ten years of research on the development opportunities offered by our two main natural resources, the wild blueberry (vaccinium angustifolium) and the American cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon).

BB3 Poster - Outstanding Antioxidant - Phytonutrient Canada Our various researches have also included the majority of the boreal forest berries that surround us.


Our first product, BB3, was a liquid antioxidant composed of pure wild blueberry juice, lingonberry idaea (vaccinium vitis-idaea) and plaquebière (rubus chamaemorus), which the First Nations of Quebec call Chicoutai. No preservatives, or even adding water, 100% natural. BB3 was an effective and remarkable antioxidant widely distributed and in increasing demand. Supply problems, particularly of Idaea plate and lingonberry, forced us to abandon this product.



Our natural health products are recognized by Health Canada. They are made from wild blueberries and American cranberries. They aim to treat the following diseases or disorders:

  • Urinary tract infections in women, men and children.
  • Certain diseases and/or disorders of the prostate in men 45 years of age and older.


Our raw materials for the « C&B » product range.

It should be noted that the cranberry powders that we use to manufacture our products of the « C&B » range, have successfully undergone human trials. In addition, the cranberry powder we use for our prostate formulas is the world’s first American cranberry product known to fight prostate disease or disorder. These powders are standardized to proanthocyans with concentration ratios of 50:1, or 50 kilos of fresh cranberry per kilo of powder. (See products below)


Our fruit and vegetable powders

When it comes to the fruit and vegetable powders we offer, all are known for their antioxidant capabilities and other remarkable health benefits. Offering them in bulk form even allows some to develop their own healthy formulations, including effective products for prostate diseases and urinary tract infections.



For its R&D programs, PHytonutrient Canada always works with organizations recognized worldwide for their knowledge of northern medicinal plants. The Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Laboratoire L.A.S.E.V.E), the Université de Montréal, Trans Biotech, Entreprises Michel Sasseville, Nutra Canada and MNK Recherches are examples of current and past collaborators


Health Canada and its Natural Health Products Regulations

Health Canada’s regulation of natural health products is at the heart of Phytonutrient Canada’s activities. Health Canada’s primary focus is the safety of Canadians and the people who consume the natural health products we manufacture.

Health Canada logo

Fully implemented in 2014, this new Canadian regulation on natural health products is now one of the most stringent and rigid in the world. The way a natural health product is now developed and manufactured in Canada is increasingly similar to that used by the pharmaceutical industry.

Every product, with the exception of the fruit & vegetable powders we offer, must be licensed by Health Canada to be sold domestic. Phytonutrient Canada holds such licences for each of its medicinal formulations and an establishment licence for its manufacturing facility in Normandin, Quebec, which also complies with the new and much stricter requirements of Health Canada.


Scientific rigour, discipline and objectivity

Objectivity is part of our value

Scientific rigor, discipline and objectivity are the basis of all the activities of our company. We have a scientific committee and all the related information we publish is verified and approved by it. In addition, as our products are recognized by Health Canada, we follow very strict rules regarding the promotion of our company and our products.

However, if after reading certain scientific articles published on our website you do not agree with what has been said, please contact us. We will discuss this and make corrections immediately if necessary.

We also invite you to participate in the various blogs that animate our website.



Tous les médicaments et les substances médicinales naturelles ont leurs limites.  Il en est de même de nos produits.  Ils peuvent être efficaces pour certaines personnes et inefficaces pour d’autres.  Afin de vous aider à décider si nos produits répondent à vos besoins, nous vous donnons le maximum d’informations à leur sujet. Les descriptions de chacun d’entre eux sont aussi complètes que possible et fournissent toutes les informations de base nécessaires pour prendre une décision d’achat éclairée. Les fiches techniques des ingrédients nutraceutiques utilisés sont également disponibles sur notre site web.

Our team remains at your disposal to answer all your questions about our products.


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