Urinary tract infections and antibiotics

Recurrent cystitis is a medical challenge

Cystitis in general is a challenge for doctors and health experts because it justifies the use of antibiotics over prolonged periods of time. As the phenomena of resistance of bacteria to antibiotics are becoming more frequent, it is necessary to do as much as possible to avoid them, because taking antibiotics can give rise to toxic side effects such as hypersensitivity reactions, especially in the elderly. Aside from hypersensitivity reactions and anaphylactic reactions, one of the dangerous complications of antibiotic therapy is Steven Johnson syndrome or SJS, a more acute hypersensitivity complex that involves the skin and mucous membranes resulting from the use of penicillin and sulfonamides.

Antibiotics are often necessary but are harmful to health
Antibiotics often necessary but harmful to health


Even though they are often needed, the toxic effects of antibiotics have led to experts to explore other ways on how to avoid and treat recurrent urinary tract infections. The most natural way that has been Baies de bleuets et canneberges - Principalement utilisées dans les formulation de produits de santé naturels de la gamme identified to date is the consumption of cranberry products (macrocarpon / American), wild blueberry and other berries particularly rich in proanthocyan, this phyto-antioxidant active for the prevention of recurrent cystitis.

Cranberries are recommended when taking antibiotics because they become adjuvent to penicillin. It is very important that cranberry and wild blueberry products contain the whole fruit, that is, its peel, pulp, seeds and juice. The reasons are first that the very large part of the proanthocyans (and also anthocyanins) are mostly located in the peel and pulp of the fruit but also that it would not be only the proanthocyans that fight the disease but also several acids and other phenolic compounds contained in the fruits. It is nothing less than a bunch of active molecules, especially type A proanthocyans, that make the phenomenon possible. Even if they are sometimes advertised in this way, the effectiveness of industrial cranberry cocktails in fighting urinary tract infections is more than questionable. For 100% pure juices, make sure they come from the whole fruit.

Urinary tract infections should not be taken lightly as they can become chronic and quickly lead to kidney failure. From the first urinary burns and frequent urges to urinate, it is generally advisable to consult your doctor or health care practitioner as soon as possible. In severe cases causing a high fever, impaired general condition or complication, hospitalization will likely be necessary.


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