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Characterized by a new health approach, phytonutrition derives its essence from the link between diet, health and prevention. Phyto-nutrition therefore consists in establishing the relationship between these three factors: health, prevention and diet. It is in fact the central pillar of preventive medicine aimed at changing our eating habits and our approach to our health. Its goal is to ensure optimal health by strengthening our body through a balanced nutritional intake. Its purpose is to adapt our phyto-nutritional needs through balanced food hygiene in combination with personalized food supplementation. For example, people who consume large surplus calories and who do not diversify their diet according to their phytonutrient needs are likely to exponentially cause different pathologies such as chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, various cancers and a general and premature aging of their body.

Frying vs phytonutrients  Industrial food has sometimes become so denatured that it can no longer respond alone to the balance of our body. We must therefore balance our diet first by avoiding certain products with a high content of salt, fat and sugar to replace them as much as possible with fruits and vegetables. Subsequently, it is possible that for some people, the need for phyto-nutritional supplementation is necessary. If we take the blueberry as an example, the digestive metabolism is the one that transmits to the cells the anthocyanins of the blueberry necessary to help the cells protect themselves from cancer by protecting them from free radicals and thus avoid cancers. It is also he who provides the proanthocyanins of cranberries which serve among other things to avoid cystitis.

Conventional medical treatment is primarily aimed at rectifying the damage and relieving pain. Phytonutrition is more of a preventive act but can also cure certain diseases. During an infection, for example, a cellular nutritional imbalance may appear. The objective of phytonutrition will be to restore this balance. Phytonutritional management is in no way opposed to the conventional medical act. Quite the contrary because it simply helps to avoid it. By striving to consume a wide variety of plant foods, everyone can enjoy the benefits of phytonutrients.

Refer to Canada’s new food guide for guidance in the first step. Here is the direct link:

food guide for phytonutrition


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